Nigel and Jennifer Nicol


Dear Barry,
We are writing to express how delighted we were with the service you and your team provided us. We were so fortunate to walk through your door!
From the very first moment you met with us and the personal, heartening manner with which you enthused us into the project, right through from Adam’s design to the removal of the old kitchen and the fitting of the new one was a happy revelation to us. Why? – Well, it was like having the job done by a bunch of professional ‘mates’. There was no formality and the whole approach was ‘what would you like – we can do it’ – and you did!
We have never; ever, experienced a project involving this range of tradesmen where we did not have some unhappiness along the line until your team turned up. The whole process was enjoyable and made the finished product such a delight not just because of the appearance, but also the care that had gone into it.
After yourself, there was Adam – quietly advising and never irritated when some fiddly change had to be made to the design at our request.
Then came Bill! – working with a huge grin and incredible speed and energy, yet attending to detail. There was the day he turned up unexpectedly to fix the mounting plate of a power point but also took the time to carefully sand the corners of the kickboards – ‘just to finish it right’! Then another when you sent him along to fix the window architrave left unfinished by the window installer (a job we had done prior to your arrival). If we had any apprehension, it soon dissipated when we saw Bill’s car roll up the driveway! How much he got domino in so little time was quite unbelievable.
The electricians asked us a few questions, made some suggestions and the jobs were done with no chatter. The best electricians we have had. Damien, the plumber. made short work of his tasks – fitting the appliances and cheerfully making suggestions for some other jobs in the house. Trevor, the plasterer, patiently went about his task, repairing walls and working around the other guys and did a super job all while the neighbour’s cat ate his slice of cake! Sylvester, the tiler, debatably had the fiddliest job – having to cut out old floor tiles and replace them exactly, apart from the super job of tiling the walls to make them look like new.
The end result is that it is a different home. Quite obviously, we are delighted and certainly endorse the fact that you have achieved the steps to your commitment to excellence in both quality and service as presented on your website.